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Anak Kambing Saya

diposting oleh alhada-fisip11 pada 19 November 2012
di Lagu Favorit - 1 komentar

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Mana dimana anak kambing saya
Anak kambing tuan ada di pohon waru
Mana dimana jantung hati saya
Jantung hati tuan ada di kampung baru

caca marica he hei
caca marica he hei
caca marica ada di kampung baru

caca marica he hey
caca marica he hey
caca marica ada di kampung baru

1 Komentar


pada : 16 January 2013

"They were seriously good here in Adelaide. All 5 of them looekd totally up for it (well, as much as Hudson ever does ) Roddy and Patton were teasing the crowd Patton especially calling us dirty skips' to get a reaction from a city that is notoriosly sedate at these events. Patton really put in for songs like Cuckoo for Caca and Chinese Arithmetic, but his voice held strong all night. Strong set list stoked I saw the Land of Sunshine/Stripearch combination rather than From Out of Nowhere/I Started a Joke. Pity to miss Caffeine at what will probably be their last ever show in Adelaide, but a very, very happy long time fan here. Spoke to a few FNM virgins who were really impressed too."

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