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diposting oleh alhada-fisip11 pada 17 November 2012
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Good morning everybody.

I will present a story telling about lived Little Red Ridding Hood. Please listen my story!


1. This is a story about “ Little Red Ridding Hood ” and adopted to our junior high school 4. She lives in a small house with her beloved mother. Now, she is at her home and playing with her toys doll. And then, mamy calling little red to bring the cakes go to the grand pa’s house. Mamy instruc to the little red. And mamy say ....   “Be careful ! The bad wolf must not get you. Here is the cake ! Good bye honey !”. Little red answer....   “Ok mamy.. I can go and see grand pa ...”


2. On the way, little red ridding hood sees some farm, some trees and some flowers. Little red meet the wood man too. Little red greeting the wood man. And then, wood man stop little red with say.... “Oh no! Stop little red. Don’t by way in this way! Because this way is very dangerous! And the wolf live in here!”. When little red listen that, she stop her step and say “Thanks”. Then, wood man explain the way go to grand pa’s house.


3. Oh no, the bad wolf thrown watches Little Girl! And bad wolf come to startle litle girl. Little girl very afraid and she run to saved her self.


4.    The bad wolf runs to Grand Pa’s house ! What will happend ? Danger !.... Wolf knock on a door and pretend become little red in order that grand pa will open the door and then, grand pa say.... “Oh, Oh ! wait moment honey ! Hah ? You are not My Grand Daughter ! You are bad wolf ! Help, help !”


5.    Poor, poor Grand Pa ! She runs and gets up in to the cupboard ! Now the bad wolf pretend as Grand Pa ! Little red coming in the grand pa’s house with say.... “Grand Pa, grand pa! It’s me your Grand Daughter ! May I come in ?” Wolf answer.... “Yes, yes, oh yes Little Girl ! I miss you and I want to see you.”

6.    Slowly Little Girl keep close to Grand Pa. She doesn’t know who is he. It is the bad, very bad wolf. Little red quetions.... “You have very big eyes and big teeth, Grand Pa !” Wolf answer.... “Aha, they are good to look at you and good to eat you up with! Wuawww !” Little red run with scream.... “Help... help... help me... !”


7.    Little girl runs away ! Look ! There is a boy. He is Rudy Tapputi from chalk zone. Global TV come here ? Global TV come to our school, Junior High School 4 ? Wow... that great !

       Little Red :           Oh ... oh.... oh, I need your help ! There’s a bad wolf in My Grand Pa’s house I’m afraid !

       Boy           :           Bad wolf, in your Grand Pa’s house ?

       Little Red   :         Yes. Kill him and help me to look for My Grand Pa !

       Boy         :  Okey.. Okey.. Let me help you ! But, where’s my chalk ? Oh... here it is. So, know it’s better for you to stand behind me. Let’s go !


8.    Rudy make a picture. Ssrtt... Ssrtt... Ssrtt... !!!

       Boy         :  Come here, bad wolf ! I will erase your sharp teeth ! and I will erase your sharp paws !

       Wolf        :  Oh....No..... Help......a.. a.. a.. a...... !!!


9.    The wolf has been lost his canine teeth and his paws. He is shocking and crying while runing out from the Grand Pa’s house. And wolf be sorry with say.... “I don’t believe it. I am a wolf without my canine teeth and paws, I am useless wolf. I promise to my self, I want to be a good wolf.”


10.  Where is Grand Pa ? oh, he’s still in the cupboard ! and grand pa out from cupboard with say ...... “Hello, Honey ! Hello, Rudy ! Thank from your help. Nice to see you My Grand Daughter.” And then, little red say.... “I Miss you Grand Pa ! I have some cakes and flower for you.”

I think that all. Thanks for all time, goodbye......

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