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diposting oleh alhada-fisip11 pada 17 November 2012
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CHARACTER :    - Narator       - Little Red      - Grand Pa

                          - Mamy         - A Wolf           - Rudy ( A Boy )

Pendukung  :    We are from sixth team, We will present a performance of story about lived Little Red Ridding Hood.


1.        Narator  :  This is a story about “ Little Red Ridding Hood ” and adopted to our elementary school Kepanjen 7. She lives in a small house with her beloved mother. Now, she is at her home and playing with her toys doll ( marbles, yoyo, teletubbies, fairy etc )

       Mamy     :  Oh, My Little Girl ! Please, go to your Grand Pa’s house, before you go to school party. I have some cakes for him. Hmm...hmmm....Its very delicious !

       Little Red   :         Ok, Mamy. I can go and see Grand Pa. I can give him the cakes !

       Mamy     :  Be careful ! The bad wolf must not get you. Here is the cake ! Good bye honey !


2.    Narator  :  On the way, little red ridding hood sees some farm, some trees and some flowers. The bad wolf watches Little Girl

       Wolf        :  Hello, Little Girl ! Come on and play with me !

       Little Red   :         No, I can not play with you ! I must go to My Grand Pa. Good bye, bad wolf !


3.    Narator  :  The bad wolf runs to Grand Pa’s house ! What will happend ? Danger !

                          Knock, Knock !

       Wolf        :  Grand Pa ! Grand Pa ! Open the door. It’s me your Little Girl. I want to come in !  I have  some cakes for you !

       Grand Pa   :         Oh, Oh ! wait moment honey ! Hah ? You are not My Grand Daughter ! You are bad wolf ! Help, help !


4.    Narator  :  Poor, poor Grand Pa ! She runs and gets up in to the cupboard ! Now the bad wolf pretend as Grand Pa !

                          Knock, Knock !

       Little Red   :         Grand Pa, it’s me your Grand Daughter ! May I come in ?

       Wolf        :  Yes, yes, oh yes Little Girl ! I miss you and I want to see you.


5.    Narator  :  Slowly Little Girl keep close to Grand Pa. She doesn’t know who is she. It is the bad, very bad wolf.

       Little Red   :         You have very big eyes, Grand Pa !

       Wolf        :  Aha, they are good to look at you !

       Little Red   :         You have very big teeth, Grand Pa !

       Wolf        : Ahaa, They are good to eat you up with I Wuawww !

       Little Red   :         Help, help ....... Help me ....... !!!


6.    Narator  :  Little girl runs away ! Look ! There is a boy. He is Rudy Tapputi from chalk zone. Global TV come here ? Global TV come to our school, elementary school Kepanjen 7 ? Wow... that great !

       Little Red   :         Oh ... oh.... oh, I need your help ! There’s a bad wolf in My Grand Pa’s house I’m afraid !

       Boy         :  Bad wolf, in your Grand Pa’s house ?

       Little Red   :         Yes. Kill him and help me to look for My Grand Pa !

       Boy         :  Okey.. Okey.. Let me help you ! But, where’s my tools ? Chalk and rubber ? Oh... here it is. So, know it’s better for you to stand behind me. Let’s go !


7.    Narator  :  Rudy make a picture. Ssrtt... Ssrtt... Ssrtt... !!!

       Boy         :  Come here, bad wolf ! I will erase your sharp teeth ! and I will erase your sharp paws !

       Wolf        :  Oh....No..... Help......a.. a.. a.. a...... !!!


8.    Narator  :  The wolf has been lost his canine teeth and his paws. He is shocking and crying while runing out from the Grand Pa’s house.

       Wolf        :  I don’t believe it. I am a wolf without my canine teeth and paws, I am useless wolf. I promise to my self, I want to be a good wolf.


9.    Narator  :  Where is Grand Pa ? oh, he’s still in the cupboard !

       Grand Pa   :         Hello, Honey ! Hello, Rudy ! Thank from your help. Nice to see you My Grand Daughter.

       Little Red   :         I Miss you Grand Pa ! i have some cakes and flower for you.

       Boy         :  Hey, I heard elementary school Kepanjen 7 has farawell party for sixth class! Let’s go there !

       Together    :         Horrey......... Thank you for all time, goodbye......


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