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American Studies

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       The purpose of education in America is to defend the republic from tiranny. Education in america make a dividing-line from each role such, girls to play a supportive role, African Americans to know their place, Native American to be civilized and immigrants to be american worker.


American Educational History

- During the  colonial period, the British authorities did not provide money for education, so the first school is depend on of the local settlers's interest.

- All states accepted the principle of taxsupported, free elementary school. However, school attendance is very low and most parents needed their children to work for money. Before the Civil War the first colleges to admit African Americans and women also opened.

-After 1865 the rapid pace of urbanization, industrialization and immigration was happen in USA, southern and eastern Europe and several Asian nations arrived in large number. The government think that the skill needed for the workplace, so they give education for the immigrant. But, wether African, Asian, or Native American were placed in separate school. But they did not enough money for hiring more teachers and erecting new building, so the immigrant get mixed school  to others.

-In Cold War, the education was focused in technology.

- From 1955 to 1974, the court tried to desegregate America's public school. It settled on bussing as the most effective way to integrate the schools. And Federal school policy also began to show a profound change in national priorities.


       In the early 1980s, Diane Ravitch, a popular authority on US school hoped that education would :

- reduce social inequality

- improve the economy for each people

- spread the capacity for personal fulfiillment

- civilize and uplift the nation's cultural life

- raise the level of and participation in its political life

-lessen alienation, distrust and prejudice by increasing the contact among racial and socio-economic groups.  


       Community colleges first appeared in the 1930 but did not become commonplace until 1970. And until 1979 a separate Departmen of Education was not established. And about elementary and secondary schools, they have different curriculum beetwen local school and national curriculum, so was held poll for this problem. And large majorities support that local school must to follow national curriculum.


Reference :

Mauk, D. & J. Oakland.2005. American Civilization: An Introduction. Fourth Edition. London: Routledge. pp. 253-278

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