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The Story About CITYRELLA

diposting oleh alhada-fisip11 pada 07 November 2012
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..........  Once upon a time, in the days of yore, in a small town in the Netherlands there is a beautiful girl named Cityrella. She is a beautiful girl who is very good, cheerful smile on his face always spit that makes everyone around him happy to see it. But unfortunately, the joy on his face is not commensurate with his life story is very sad. Cityrella biological mother, Sarirella died after being poisoned by Maretta, she is a widow with two children who desperately wanted his father Cityrella, Jokorto. Because he is wealthy and has everything. It also has a widowed mother of two girls are no less evil, Vanita and Vanilla. They're not as pretty as Cityrella, his face was always cold and arrogant. Vanita his brother, hobbinya just ate and berated anyone who is nearby. He's always insulting and ridiculing others.Not much different from her sister Vanilla, Vanilla also like to get angry, he was also lazy and like to get someone else to interest herself. They both also love to argue about trivial things, which makes the mother to participate furious. 

            One year after the departure of his biological mother, Cityrella still sad. His father was confused who will maintain and entertain Cityrella during his father was in London.Suddenly out of his mind a way out. Maretta, who knows what makes the father thought that way. Then he talked to the Cityrella.

            Under shady trees, cityrella favorite place, where she was daydreaming and staring at her mom photos.

Father : What are you thinking my son?

Cityrella : Cityrella: I miss mom, dad. Now you're just the only one I have. 

Father : Cityrella, dad wanted to tell you something.

Cityrella : what’s up dad? 

Father : after a year of leaving your mother, father decided to find a replacement.

Cityrella : WHAT?!! 

Father : this is for the good of you too Cityrella. 

Cityrella : but dad.. with whom dad will marry?

Father : Maretta ..

Cityrella : what dad?! Why should she? I don’t want to have wicked stepmother like her!

Father : You shouldn’t talk like that Cityrella!

Cityrella : but ..?

Father : he is a woman of great concern to you.

Cityrella: but .. but .. dad, don’t leave me!

Father : no dear, dad will not leave you.

Cityrella : when dad got married?

Father : soon dear.. for you is to  accompany. Later, you will get good sisters. Vanita and Vanilla.

Cityrella : hmm .. I wish they're really good.

Dad : why dear?

Cityrella : nothing.

..........  A month later, Maretta and Jokorto officially married. And Maretta with her son moved into the Jokorto’s house a very luxurious. When Maretta and her two children moved to Jokorto’s house, Cityrella already feel bad. Seen from the eyes of Maretta is so crueland and cynical smile of her two children.

 ..........  A month passed, Jokorto must return to work in London. Cityrella felt frightened when his father left him. He also felt sad when her father left her increasingly distant. What she feltwas right. Those who initially either in front of him while his father now turned evil.


Cityrella : yes?

Vanita: where are my shoes? I want to wear it.

Cityrella : yes, I will search it.

Vanita : quick! I don’t have any time.

Cityrella : yes, briefly.


Cityrella : yes?

Vanilla : prepare food for me!

Cityrella : yes, briefly.

Vanilla : quick! I'm hungry.

Cityrella : yes.

Vanita : cityrella, my shoes ..!

Cityrella : briefly.

Maretta : cityrella quickly finish your work!

Cityrella : yes, mom.

Maretta : don’t call me mom! I'm not going to have a kid like you!

Cityrella : I’m sorry madam.

..........  Life Cityrella never be separated from the evil mother and step brother. However, Cityrella only be brave. Cityrella really miss her father. Father who always loved her. Cityrella want to follow his father in London

Cityrella : if dad is here ..
Suddenly someone knocked on the door.


Cityrella : a moment .. (membuka pintu)

Guards : good evening ladies.

Cityrella : Who?

Guards: ah, I’m is the royal bodyguard.

Cityrella : bodyguard?

Guard : I want to deliver the invitation.

Cityrella : oh? (ingin mengambil)

Maretta : (berjalan cepat) oh, there is a guest appearance. What is it sir?

Guard : I just deliver the invitation.

Maretta : I thought (menarik undangan) Thank you.

Guards : equally madam.

Maretta : (melirik Cityrella) cityrella! Is your work finished?

Cityrella : um, not yet madam.

Maretta : if so .. QUICK COMPLETE!!

Cityrella : yes, madam.

Maretta : um, briefly a bodyguard. If I might know, the invitation is this?

Guards : prince was looking for queen. For that, prince invites all women in this country.

Maretta : wow what a coincidence, I have two beautiful daughters.

Guards : anyone can come to this party hostess. Including the woman.

Maretta : Who? CITYRELLA?! No! she just helpers.

Guards : yes madam, I shall return. Excuse me ..

Maretta : yes. Thank you lord escort.

..........  After the guards left, Maretta rushed into her daughters bedroom. Cityrella who had been listening, just staring.

Maretta : dear ..

Koor : what’s up mom?

Maretta : you must be prepared, in two hours we had to go.

Koor : Where?

Maretta : we will go to the dance party, dear.

Koor : What? (senang)

Maretta : prince was looking for candidates for empress.

Koor : waaaah .. (takjub)

Maretta : one of you should be able to become empress.

Vanilla : I'll get it!

Vanita : no! I'll get it!

Vanilla : prince doesn’t like fat women like you!

Vanita : WHAT?!! Prince also didn’t like women without meat like you!

Koor : (bertengkar)

Maretta : stop! Now you're ready. Prince would be fascinated with your beauty.

Koor : yes mom .. (bertatapan) HUH! (memalingkan muka)

..........  Maretta back to her room to get ready. While Vanita and Vanilla are preparing as beautiful as possible. They still ask for help Cityrella.

Vanilla : cityrella, is this necklace suitable for me?

Cityrella : very fit, ladies.

Vanita : cityrella still comb my hair!

Cityrella : yes.

Vanilla : cityrella, does this dress suit for me?

Cityrella : oh well suited.

Vanilla : of course. Because I'm very pretty.

Vanita : cityrella, don’t be too hard to comb my hair!

Cityrella : oh sorry lady.

Vanilla : cityrella, shoes which are suitable for me?

Cityrella : that it young lady.

Vanilla : hmm ..

Vanita : cityrella, good my hair properly!

Cityrella : oh well.

Vanilla : cityrella definitely wanted to come to the party!

Cityrella : oh no..

Vanita : anyways like cityrella girl at the party where the match was as grand as that?

Vanilla : true. Cityrella definitely does something stupid to be ashamed.


Cityrella : yeah right (sedih)

Maretta : (suara) quickly dear! We must leave immediately.

Koor : okay mom.

After Vanita and Vanilla finish dress up, they come down with jewelry and fancy dressesas possible.

Maretta : (melihat dari atas ke bawah) so pretty dear .. (merangkul), let us have to go now.

..........  Her mother and step sister finally went to the party. Cityrella just looked at them from the window. They further away to leave him alone. In the room, she cried, looking at photos of his parents.

Cityrella : (menangis)

Fairy : (voice) what happen beautiful girl?

Cityrella : (terisak) I'm not invited to the party. Yet when there are fathers and mothers, I always go to the party.

Fairy : (suara) so, if you want to come?

Cityrella : (terisak) y..yes.

Fairy : (suara) I can help you. Because you are a good girl.

Cityrella : how do ..? (mendongak) hah? Who is speaking? No one here? (bingung, takut)

Fairy : (muncul) I’m is a Fairy.

Cityrella : faa.. fairy? (mundur) what do you want?

Fairy : I'll help you, cityrella.

Cityrella : help for what?

Fairy : help to take your hat flying into the mountain.

Cityrella : what? My hat?

Fairy : no, no. You want to go to the party instead?

Cityrella : yes.

Fairy : I'll help you.

Cityrella : how can? I don’t have beautiful dresses, expensive jewelry like .. Vanilla and Vanita.

Elves : HAHAHA, all can be arranged affection. Friends..

(para kurcaci pun datang)

Dwarves : hello cityrella .. hiii

Cityrella : oh? Dwarves?

Fairy : they really love you cityrella. They often see you when you hurt.

Oppie : don’t be sad cityrella. We are ready to help hiii ..

Sara : you're definitely going to be beautiful cityrella hii..

Rani : prince will fall in love with you hiii..

Cityrella : oh, thank you friends. Thank you fairy.

Fairy : Now go to the warehouse and find a cardboard former

Cityrella : sure fairy.

Dwarves : we will help you .. hii

(in storage)

Cityrella : hmm .. where the boxes? (mencari) oh this! (mengambil)

Dwarves : let's take! Hii ..

(kembali ke peri)

Cityrella : fairies, these boxes. For what this cardboard fairy?

Fairy : you will see.

..........  Fairy also change the box into a beautiful golden carriage. Cityrella was shocked to see it. The train was equipped with a white horse who is very beautiful, stately, and luxurious.And that makes Cityrella very surprised is his friend-turned-bodyguard who is very beautiful. 

Cityrella : does all this for me? 

Fairy : this all for you darling. 

Cityrella : all of them? 

Fairy : all of them. Everything. 

Cityrella : oh, thank you fairy. 

Fairy : now you can go to the dance party.

Cityrella : but, fairy? (melihat bajunya) 

Fairy : Oh no. I forgot.

..........  Fairy also change clothes used Cityrella, a beautiful dress that is very majestic. Cityrella becomes very beautiful.

Fairy : how? 

Dwarves : waaw! Hii..

Oppie : you're so pretty cityrella! Hii..

Sara + Rani : true! Hii..

Cityrella : oh, is this real? (berputar)

Fairy : You are not dreaming, dear.

Cityrella : thank you fairy. 

Pixie : and now shoes .. 

(Peri hendak mengayunkan tongkatnya. Tetapi, ada sesuatu yang terjadi)

Cityrella : what happen fairy?

Fairy : it seems .. (melihat tongkat) oh, my stick out of energy. So .. 

Cityrella : so what?

Fairy : it seems you have to wear your flip-flops that. 

Cityrella : these sandals? 

Fairy : I'm sorry cityrella. 

Cityrella : yeah, nevermind fairy. You've been so good to me. 

Sara : you're still pretty cityrella. Hii..

Cityrella : thanks sara. 

Fairy : Now go. Oh yes! Remember cityrella, you must return before twelve o'clock. Since all the magic would end right at twelve o'clock. 

Cityrella : yes fairy. I’ll remember it.

Fairy : Good. Keep cityrella friends as possible.

Dwarves : ready fairy! 

Fairy : go, you're already too late. 

Oppie : please, take cityrella. Hii .. 

Cityrella : Thank you. 

Rani : saraa .. go! Hii .. 

Sara : go! Hii..

Koor : see ya fairy. 

..........  Cityrella and the dwarves go to the dance party. While the situation in the palace, Vanita and Vanilla scrambling to dance with the prince. They create confusion prince and the prince could only surrender. 

(vanita berdansa)

Prince : can you not step on my foot? 

Vanita : ouh, I’m sorry prince .. (genit)

Vanilla : turns! (mendorong dan merebut posisi)

(pangeran dan vanila berputar lalu vanila terlempar jatuh)

(vanita merebut posisi)

Vanilla : you are always took my position!

Vanita : you started first! Go away!

(Vanita dan vanila terus betengkar di tengah-tengah pesta dansa itu)

Prince : don’t fight in here!

 V + V:  silent! (membentak)

(melanjutkan pertengkaran)

Prince : Well! I will not dance anymore, huh! 

V + V:  WHAT?! Prince! 

Vanita : all of this because you Vanilla! 

Vanilla : you!

(bertengkar terus)

Maretta : enough! 

Chorus : ah, mom? 

Maretta : VANITA! VANILA! (menyeret) 

Koor : sick mom! 

Maretta : shame you all! This kingdom, why you guys can fight like that?! 

Vanita : vanilla who started the first! 

Vanilla : huh?! Vanita that interfere with my dancing! 

Vanita : you! 

Vanilla : you! 

Maretta : STOP! (marah) 

Koor : sorry mom. 

Maretta : already! Don’t repeat again! So embarrassing! 

Koor : okay mom. 

..........  Prince is fed up with the party. He went back to his throne with grim faces and feeling upset. Parents wonder prince saw his son's behavior that runs back and forth 

King : what happen my son? Why you back? 

Prince : no daddy.

Queen : have you found the perfect woman? 

Prince : (menggeleng) 

Queen : then? 

Prince : (menggeleng) 

King + Queen : (bertatap muka) 

 King : we throw a party to find a suitable candidate for empress you. Then, why you hang one like that? 

Prince : (diam, berdiri di dekat jendela) 

Queen : (menghela nafas) whether the woman as much as it did not match? 

Prince : none!

Queen : but we have invited all women in this country, my son. 

Prince : but no match for me! All the same! 

King : it is impossible not exist! So many women out there!

Prince : I'd say there's no dad! 

King: Jeiko! Dad already struggling to make the party. You even went away! What’s my friends say?

Prince : I don’t want!

King : JEIKO! (marah)

Queen : dad .. (mencegah raja) 

When they were arguing, guards came to say something. 

Guards : sorry my lord. 

King : what's bodyguard? 

Guard : I just wanted to convey something to the prince. 

Prince : what’s ?

Guards : sorry sir, I know the lord has given to women who exist outside. But, there is a beautiful girl who just arrived sir. Perhaps sir would like to see. 

King : please out Jeiko! There is no harm in seeing the girl. 

Prince : (menghela nafas panjang dan keras) alright! If it does not fit me right back here and not going back to the party! (berjalan pergi) 

Guards : excuse me sir .. 

..........  Prince walked to the party to see the girl who turned out to be Cityrella. 
Cityrella who was in the palace were surprised to see the whole room looked pretty face. She was just amazed as he circled the palace see greatness. 

Maretta : who is the girl? It's beautiful. (menjatuhkan kue) 

Koor : Whoa pretty (kagum, saling bertatapan) 

Maretta : even as an angel, his face beaming (kagum) 

Vanita : whether he could tie the liver prince? (cemberut)

 Vanilla : impossible! Prince just for us! (mengepalkan tangan)

Maretta : it's because your treatment is embarrassing! If not, maybe prince would dance with you. 

Vanita : it's all thanks to Vanilla! He who started the first! 

Vanilla : but he was also bothered when dancing with the prince! 

Vanita : you! 

Vanilla : you! 

Vanita : skinny! 

Vanilla : fat! 

Maretta : stop it! Don’t let you make mom embarrassed again! 

Koor : sorry mom. 

..........  Prince walked from a distance. Her eyes opened wide when she saw beauty Cityrella.Without realizing her lips smiled a smile. 

Guards : waw, so beautiful. 

Prince : (melirik sinis) I'll ask her to dance! 

Guard : oh sorry sir. Please. 

Prince walked over cityrella and stared her. They smiled at each other.

Prince : beautiful princess, will you dance with me? 

Cityrella : of course.

Prince : guys!


(selesai dance)

Prince : (berjongkok) princess, Will You Marry me? 

TENG-TENG-TENG (suara jam)

Fairy : (suara) Cityrella Remember, you must return before twelve o'clock. Since all the magic would end right at twelve o'clock. 

Prince : princess? 

Cityrella : oh, sorry prince I must go. (berbalik badan) 

Prince : Wait! Wait! Princess! I don’t know your name! Princess! 

(cityrella terus berlari, dia kepeleset dan sandalnya ketinggalan)

Dwarves : cityrella hurry! Hurry! 

Cityrella : ouh, my slippers! 

Dwarves : cityrella quick! 

Cityrella : alright. 

..........  Prince did not get to pursue Cityrella. He also found something on the trail. 

(pangeran berhenti lalu melihat sandal)

Prince: Who owns these sandals?? (mengambilnya) or maybe sandals beautiful princess again? (mengamati) but .. (berpikir) GUARDS!! (berteriak)

Guards : what happen, my lord? 

Prince : This sandals (menyodorkan sandalnya ke muka pengawal) 

Guard : (menghindar) what's wrong with sandals is the master?

Prince : tomorrow. You should tour the country. Make a contest, who the woman whose feet fit the slipper he will be my empress

Guard : But sir? 

Prince : no but! That's an order! 

Guards : sure lord. (mengambil sandalnya) 

..........  The next morning, guards and the prince hurried search for a woman whose leg was fitted with a slipper. After a long search for a woman none that match the sandals that. In the end they came to a big house. 

Prince : who else is home? 

Guards : Mrs. Maretta, lord. The mother of Vanita and Vanilla. 

Prince: What? Huuh! I'm not going to go down to see her.

Guards : well lord. Let me finish this problem. 

..........  Guards stepped down from the train and knocking the door of the house. Inside the house there is cityrella sweaping the floor.


Cityrella : a minute (membuka pintu) ah? 

Guard : Good morning ladies. I am the guardian of the royal prince will convey the request. 

Cityrella : request prince? 

Maretta : ouh, bodyguard? What’s sir? 

Vanilla : that was the last royal bodyguard

Vanita : Husstt!  

Guard : I would like to request a prince.  

Maretta : wah, apparently prince request.  

V+V : prince.. !! (bertatapan senang) 

Guard: This (menunjukkan sandal) whoever leg match with these sandals will be a prince consort.  

V + V : prince consort? (kagum)  

Cityrella : (menutup mulutnya dan berjalan mundur) 

Maretta : let my daughter. Quickly you try these sandals. It must fit.  

Vanita : I'm first! (mencoba sandal) aaaaaaaah! Will not fit! Ouch my feet hurt! 

Vanilla : These sandals are not likely large enough to foot it!  

Vanita : You also may not be suitable!  

Vanilla : my turn! (mencoba sandal) ouch! It's too big! 

Vanita : you don’t have meat! 

Guards : hmm .. nothing is loaded.

Maretta : you! Why your legs are no match is found with the sandals! 

V + V : sorry mom. 

Guards : hmm .. Well thank you lady.

Cityrella : wait! Can I try to flip it? 

Vanilla : huh?! Cityrella want to try it? HAHAHA 

Maretta : are you sure? you not come to the party. 

Cityrella : hmm .. I want to try it. 

Vanita : not possible fit 

Cityrella : (mencoba sandal) how? 

Guards : Rock On was perfect! 

Vanita : no! Maybe it's just a coincidence (tidak percaya)

Vanilla : true! but it is perfect. (tidak percaya) 

Maretta : impossible! Cityrella not come to the party! 

Cityrella : (mengeluarkan pasangannya) 

Koor : waaaaaaah! 

M + V + V : he has a partner? 


Guard : He is the prince's future wife. I've found it. PRINCEE (memanggil) 

(pangeran turun dari kereta)

Koor : prince 

V + V : that prince! 

Guards : see lord, this girl has a pair was sandals. 

Prince : oh? Really? (menghampiri)

Guards : true, master. Look. 

Prince : Are you the pretty princess? (menatap cityrella) 

(peri muncul)

Elves : change cityrella! (baca mantra)

..........  Cityrella changing dress when she attended the party. She looks very beautiful. As well,flip-flops that transforms into a sparkling glass slipper. Maretta, Vanita, and Vanilla onlybe silent in disbelief.

Prince : You are a beautiful princess.

Cityrella : true prince. My name is cityrella.

Prince : cityrella, Will You Marry me?

Cityrella : hmm .. of course prince (senyum)

.......... Prince and Cityrella was finally getting married. Her mother and her step sister apologizes for crimes they have committed so far. They will not do evil to Cityrella again.

Maretta : I’m sorry Cityrella. I always evil to you.

Vanita : I also apologize Cityrella I've been too evil to you.

Vanilla : I also cityrella, I will not repeat it.

Maretta : will you forgive us, cityrella?

Cityrella : I've forgiven you all. (tersenyum haru)

Koor : you're very nice cityrella. (berpelukan dan menangis) 

..........  Finally, Cityrella life relax. He lives happily with the prince forever. Though his father can not see them getting married because she was in London. But Cityrella'm happy.



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